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We Are The Boxlane

Your One-stop packaging solution

We help you make the buying experience for your customer an absolute pleasure with our bespoke, beautifully designed custom packaging and custom boxes.

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Custom Packaging for All Industries and All Styles

We offer bespoke packaging and personalized boxes for all industries. We work with businesses of all sizes and we cater to all of their custom boxes needs.

We offer a range of packaging materials that cater to all types of products. From simple kraft paper to cardboard boxes, we have it all.

  • Excellent Material, Top Quality Printing
  • Custom Sizes, Colors, and Design
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Custom Packaging for all industries | The Box Lane

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the one-stop solution for all custom packaging needs of brands of all sizes to help them present their products in the best possible way.

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We started our journey
eight years ago.

You have worked hard to develop and produce a great product, we will help you present your products in a customized packaging that represents product quality and your hard work.

A custom product packaging designed with your brand identity in mind helps you shape great customer experience. The Box Lane helps you precisely with that.

The Box Lane has been working in the customized packaging industry for over 8+ years. We experiment with new packaging designs for you and devise new solutions for modern brands. With The Box Lane, you have a trusted partner by your side who understands packaging market trends and can help you adapt to them quickly.

We offer a vast range of options in specialized packaging for different industries, different packaging styles, and a variety of materials.

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Whether you want an Instagram-worthy box for your CBD brand, or you want to make a great impression with your cosmetics packaging, The Box Lane has ready solutions for you.We also offer product development when you want to innovate and step ahead of the competition.

It is like a no-fail strategy where you increase your brand’s perceived value and make customers happy at the same time.

Let's grow together

Amazing people build amazing brands. Your business partners must be passionate just the way you are! We share your passion for customer satisfaction and giving a great purchase experience to the customer.

We work together with our customers and help them reach their goals.  If you want great-looking packaging for your product or you want to cost-effectively upgrade the overall look of your product’s packaging, we will work with you to make that happen.

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The Boxlane Guide to Making it Happen

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Custom Designs

You get specialized designs for your brand’s packaging. A box with a unique design that represents your brand and also connects with your customer is our ultimate product. Ask us to know more about custom designing for product packaging.

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Fast Turnaround

Slow and steady used to win the race, but in the current business world fast and accurate would get the top spot. Get personalized packaging for your brand made and delivered as per your specifications in a short turnaround time anywhere in the UK, US & Canada.

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Excellent Service

When it comes to custom packaging, we speak the same language as you. From product design and development to order processing, shipping, and after-sale care, we make sure you get excellent service all around.

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Exceptional Quality

What we promise is what we deliver. Quality guarantee is one thing we never compromise on.

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Start with 100 boxes or 5 million, we can deliver any quantity. Your business is no longer behind in offering impressive packaging.

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Free Shipping

We offer free shipping for all orders. Our prices are inclusive of all costs. You know how much customized packaging boxes will cost you right away.

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Design and Development

Don’t worry if you don’t have a design to print on your custom packaging, our in-house design team will help you make it perfect with our free design services.

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Solutions for All

We professionally handle all the custom-made packaging needs of all industries and all products. We have customized packaging bags for a seed, to a tall custom cake.

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Business Partner, not Supplier

When you partner with us and buy customized packaging for your brand from us, we commit to your business growth by delivering quality consistently.

Our product’s

We’ve got over 10 The Boxlane offices and while each one is unique, they're all designed with warm and comfortable Boxes the best Custom Boxes Company you'll ever have.

Furthermore, they are the identity that can impress potential customers in seconds thanks to exceptional printing, logo design and graphics. We make available 3D models and a physical sample to meet our customers’ needs. Our services, free shipping, and design assistance are not subject to any hidden charges.

Beautiful subjects and text styles can be added to the boxes to make them stand out. The amount of orders is between 100 and 500 000 boxes.

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Why Choose us

As a one-stop custom packaging solution, we help you create personalized premium packaging for your brand quickly, saving you hassle and money. Having a great product is not enough, selling it nicely is not enough. In today’s time, it is the customer experience that matters most.

Will a customer buy from you again? The answer depends on the way you made them feel.Perfect buying experience for your customers before a competitor beats you. Use custom boxes and custom packaging for your product and make the buying experience a delight.

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One Place To Get Your Custom Packaging

We're on a mission to help companies, large and small, harness the potential of custom packaging. We firmly believe that creative packaging can do way more than just protect your products.







Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the repeated questions we get. Ask us on WhatsApp or Chat if we missed something.

We accept PayPal, Square, Credit Card, Cash Deposit, or Wire.

Yes, we help you with packaging design too. Contact with the details of your idea including artwork, design files, or your hand sketches, and we will develop your product packaging design from there.

We run by the principle of agile manufacturing. We ship all expedited orders within 8-10 days and all regular orders within 15-18 days.

You can see the final product in two ways. First, order a custom sample and get the final product in your hands. Second, see digital mockups of the product in 2D and 3D.

We ship to the whole world. You get free shipping in the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada.

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