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Custom Pillow Boxes

Create personalized packaging for your small products like food, jewelry, incense, gifts, and more. Create Instagram-worthy packaging with The Box Lane.

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Custom Pillow Boxes for Small Delights

Pillow boxes have a unique shape. We make fully custom pillow boxes. The final product looks and feels how you want it to. Promote your brand with our range of pillow box packaging and give your brand a fresh look. Start with a free quote today.

What is Pillow Box Packaging | The Box Lane

What is Pillow Box Packaging?

A pillow box, as the name implies, is a packaging shaped like pillow.

Custom pillow packaging is lightweight packaging that is mostly made with kraft or cardboard material. In fact, the most abundant and popular pillow boxes are kraft pillow boxes.

Pillow boxes are mostly made in smaller sizes. Therefore, the most suitable products for small pillow boxes are small in size like sweats, small gifts, party gifts, small jewelry items, etc.

Match a pillow box with your brand’s personality. Use a pillow box that has the same color as your brand’s dominant color like black pillow boxes or white pillow boxes.

A variation of pillow boxes is also available in large sizes. You can try large pillow boxes or pillow boxes with handles if the product size is bigger.

If you want to create custom packaging in the perfect size for your product, contact us. Our packaging experts will help you develop suitable product packaging.

Freshen Up Product Packaging With Custom Printed Pillow Boxes

Pillow boxes as product packaging is not something you see daily. If your product is unique, it will stand out even more in custom printed pillow boxes.

For you, pillow boxes are easy to assemble, they pack products nicely, and they give your customers a pleasing unboxing experience. For your customers, these boxes are easy to carry and easy to open.

Pillow boxes that show your brand personality and look nice are shared on social media. If you get social shares for your product packaging, you will get free word-of-mouth marketing.

Research shows that product packaging influences buying decisions for 72% of the customers. If product packaging doesn’t stand out on the shelf, it will sell less; if it does, you will see more sales despite no extra effort on the marketing.

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Freshen Up Product Packaging With Custom Printed Pillow Boxes | The Box Lane

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the repeated questions we get. Ask us on WhatsApp or Chat if we missed something.

Yes, you can get custom pillow boxes in the sizes and designs you want. We offer full customizations for all types of pillow boxes.
We offer low minimums for custom pillow packaging. You can order as few as 100 units.
Pillow boxes are mostly made with cardboard stock or kraft stock. Out of these two, kraft stock is 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly.
We are a make-to-order custom packaging company with one-stop solutions for all custom packaging boxes.We make all types of pillow boxes in custom sizes and designs. Our most popular pillow boxes include small pillow boxes, kraft pillow boxes, black pillow boxes, white pillow boxes, large pillow boxes, pillow boxes with handles, and window pillow boxes.
We accept PayPal, Square, Credit Card, Cash Deposit, or Wire.
You can see the final product in two ways. First, order a custom sample and get the final product in your hands. Second, see digital mockups of the product in 2D and 3D.
We ship to the whole world. You get free shipping in the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada.
We need PSD, PDF, Ai format with a minimum of 300 dpi for printing.
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Tailor-Made Pillow Box Packaging

With The Box Lane, you think of custom packaging and make it happen.

Creativity in custom pillow boxes is only limited by your imagination. Join hands with us and use our extensive experience with successful product packaging to make a memorable pillow box for your candies, sweets, or jewelry.

We offer you options in packaging materials, printing techniques, printing finishes, and printing add-ons. Your brand image can be fully shown on a pillow box. It will become a mini presentation of your brand. When done correctly, it keeps promoting your brand as long as it lasts.

For small brands, our in-house design team can help you design pillow packaging that your customers will surely love.

Get in touch for a free consultation on packaging and design.

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The Box Lane for Tailor-Made Pillow Box Packaging | The Box Lane

The Box Lane for Custom Pillow Boxes Wholesale

The Box Lane is a veteran in product custom packaging. We produce a wide range of custom packaging in different box styles for many industries.

The secret to successful product packaging is to make it show your brand personality and connect it with your audience. We do exactly that with custom pillow boxes.

With our range of free value-added services, we make custom packaging the happiest part of growing a business.

Start with a free custom quote or get a sample/sample kit. You can also get a customized sample for your order for free.

See product packaging before you place an order with a 2D/3D mockup of the packaging.

We offer low minimum order quantity, free shipping, and quick turnaround. You will get your order in only 10 days.

Start with a free sample today and experience the difference yourself.

Fully Tailored Custom Packaging Boxes

Choose from the range of materials, finishing, and add-ons. Mix them to create unique custom packaging for your brand. When stuck, get help from our free packaging consultation.

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