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Commonly Used Printing & Finishing Options Are



Emboss & Deboss

Emboss & Deboss



Matte or Gloss

Matte or Gloss

Metalized Printing

Metalized Printing



Screen Printing

Screen Printing

Velvet Touch Finish

Velvet Touch Finish

Commonly Used Printing & Finishing Options Are

Cannabis Mylar Bags Keep It Fresh and Sealed

Custom cannabis mylar bags come with a seal that neither leaks smell nor lets the air enter the bag. It keeps cannabis fresh for a long time.

Cannabis mylar bags are fully customizable. You can use these bags to pack cannabis in a safe and retail-ready way. When you get your branding on the mylar bag, it becomes a marketing agent for your brand. As long as the bag lasts, it will keep marketing your brand.

Mylar bags come with a seal. The bag can be opened and then resealed again. Cannabis mylar bags are very similar to resealable mylar bags.

Printed Cannabis Mylar Bags Look Good on the Shelf

What is seen is sold! Custom printed cannabis mylar bags stand out on the shelf. When done right, you will get more sales both online and in-store with mylar bags.

How? Research shows that customers go for the product with better packaging even when they haven’t tried that product. The only reason for this switch is the delightful packaging.

You may wonder why it is so? As humans, we are emotional beings, not rational beings. We decide based on our emotions and then rationalize it. You need to trigger emotions to cause a desired action. The same is the case with sales.

Cannabis already has a dedicated audience. The medicinal users may also use it for months or years. The market is far from saturated. Custom packaging is an easy shot with a good reward.

Artwork Preparation Guide

Use these guidelines to prepare artwork for custom packaging. You can also get help from our in-house design team and make sure that the artwork perfectly matches your vision. We are just one click away.

Magnetic Boxes Dyeline | The Box Lane
Cut Line | The Box Lane

Cut Line (Red Lines):

Shows final size line, all artwork and design must be kept inside with a margin of 0.125 inches for perfect printing.

Bleed Line | The Box Lane

Bleed Line (Light Grey Lines):

Bleed line is the limit to where design and artwork can be extended.

Crease Line | The Box Lane

Crease Line (Blue Lines)

Shows where the packaging will be folded.

Perforation | The Box Lane

Perforation (Dotted Green Lines):

Indicate line with small punches for easier and precise tearing.

Safety Margin Image | The Box Lane

Safety Margin (Dotted Yellow Lines):

Shows the limit for artwork and test, the safety margin is 0.125 inch for perfect printing.

Crafting Unique Custom Product Boxes


Request a Free Quote

The order process starts when you request a free quote or place your order via email, phone, chat, or website contact form. You can reach us in many ways and place an order. You give us information about quantity, design, size, material, and finishing and we start processing your order.


Confirm Design and Artwork

When we receive details of your order, we contact you to confirm the packaging design and artwork. We work with you to finalize box designs and artwork and once everything is just as you want it to be, we confirm your order for production.


Final Order Goes to Production

Confirmed orders go to production which takes fewer days than the competition. We take only 8-10 days for expedited orders and 15-18 days for regular orders. You get updates as we progress on your order.


Order Shipping and Tracking

We run a quality assurance process before we ship your order. We offer shipping that you can track all the time and be sure that your goods are on their way to you.

The Box Lane is a Top Choice for Cannabis Mylar Bags

Custom packaging is an important brand-building factor in the modern day. Work with a resourceful veteran in custom packaging. Work with The Box Lane.

The Box Lane has over 8 years of experience in custom packaging boxes. Over the years, we have specialized in CBD and cannabis.

We can help you create custom packaging for your cannabis brand, improve it, or simply smooth its supply chain with quick turn-around times and free shipping.

Our packaging expert team helps you with packaging size and design. You can get a free sample, a free mockup and dieline, and free shipping for all orders. The MOQ is only 100 units per design per packaging style.

Don’t leave money on the table, get wholesale cannabis mylar bags at affordable prices quickly with free shipping.

Choose The Box Lane for Cannabis Mylar Bags Packaging | The Box Lane

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the repeated questions we get. Ask us on WhatsApp or Chat if we missed something.

We at The Box Lane make fully custom mylar cannabis bags. We keep sizes and designs as per the customers’ requirements. You get the boxes the way you want.

Certainly, you can always get help from our custom packaging experts for the size and design of custom packaging.

We make and ship all expedited orders within 8-10 days (about 1 and a half weeks) and all regular orders within 14-18 days (about 2 and a half weeks).

We ship to the whole world. You get free shipping in the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada.

We need PSD, PDF, Ai format with a minimum of 300 dpi for printing.

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