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Commonly Used Printing & Finishing Options Are

Custom Serum Boxes

Serum packaging can do more for your brand. Make it work for your branding and revenues with attractive and functional custom serum boxes.

Custom packaging is one of the very potent marketing tools for beauty and skincare brands. Custom beauty boxes help you position your brand correctly and aid in establishing higher perceived value for your brand.

Here is why you should use serum box packaging for your beauty brand.

  • Excellent branding and marketing value
  • Works like a charm as a marketing tool
  • Helps with brand position and perceived value
  • Attracts, engages, and converts more customers
  • Makes you compliant with laws and regulations

Packaging That Drives Revenue

In the age of modern consumerism, product packaging is not merely a housing for your product. It is part of the purchase experience.

Product quality and purchase experience are two of the most influential factors in custom satisfaction and brand building.

Research shows that product boxes impact brand value, engagement, conversion, and sales at many levels.

For example, a study shows that 72% of customers consider packaging when making a buying decision.

Another study shows that improving packaging can mean an increase of 30% in revenue for many businesses.

You now know that you need to invest in serum product packaging boxes.

As a skincare brand, you will be competing against other brands on the shelf and online. These are ingredients of a successful and converting product packaging.

Build Packaging that Wins at the Shelf

There are four parts to effective packaging.

  • Colors
  • Design
  • Shape/Icon
  • Text

Much of the struggle is about making it stand out on the shelf. It should not get lost on the shelf in the sea of competitors who use similar colors and designs.

Test custom serum packaging boxes not on the conference table but on the shelf. At least digitally put it on the shelf among competitors’ packaging to quickly see how it looks.

Design and shape include patterns of shapes and icons. If your brand has a representing icon like Nike’s swoosh, make sure to use it on the face of the packaging.

Text on the packaging is perhaps the least important but it plays its part when the customer engages with your product.

Create Fully Customized Serum Packaging

Effective product packaging is custom packaging. At The Box Lane, we offer you the full range of serum box packaging. You can personalize it end-to-end.

For all types of healthcare, beauty, skincare, or hygiene products packaging, whether they are beard oil boxes or essential oil boxes, customization starts with box style selection.

Choosing the Right Box Type

The most popular and most effective boxes for serum packaging are tuck boxes. You will see most serum products in a custom tuck box.

Tuck packaging is suitable for both large or small custom hair serum boxes and beauty serums.

You can give it a premium look with rigid boxes. This type of packaging is especially useful for making PR boxes for beauty influencers.

Work on Color Scheme and Packaging Design

Develop a packaging color scheme that would stand out on the shelf. Design packaging that could be recognized from a distance. Ask your team to take care of these two aspects and connect it to your brand personality and your audience.

Or get help from our packaging design experts. Contact us for more information.

Print, Finish, Add-ons

We take care of packaging printing, finishing, and applying the right enhancement.

We have offset, digital, screen, and gravure printing. You can get custom CBD serum packaging boxes in matte, glossy, soft touch, and solid UV.

Complete the perfect look with the right add-on for packaging. Choose from embossing, debossing, raised ink, spot UV, and holographic foiling.

Artwork Preparation Guide

Use these guidelines to prepare artwork for custom packaging. You can also get help from our in-house design team and make sure that the artwork perfectly matches your vision. We are just one click away.

Magnetic Boxes Dyeline | The Box Lane
Cut Line | The Box Lane

Cut Line (Red Lines):

Shows final size line, all artwork and design must be kept inside with a margin of 0.125 inches for perfect printing.

Bleed Line | The Box Lane

Bleed Line (Light Grey Lines):

Bleed line is the limit to where design and artwork can be extended.

Crease Line | The Box Lane

Crease Line (Blue Lines)

Shows where the packaging will be folded.

Perforation | The Box Lane

Perforation (Dotted Green Lines):

Indicate line with small punches for easier and precise tearing.

Safety Margin Image | The Box Lane

Safety Margin (Dotted Yellow Lines):

Shows the limit for artwork and test, the safety margin is 0.125 inch for perfect printing.

Crafting Unique Custom Product Boxes


Request a Free Quote

The order process starts when you request a free quote or place your order via email, phone, chat, or website contact form. You can reach us in many ways and place an order. You give us information about quantity, design, size, material, and finishing and we start processing your order.


Confirm Design and Artwork

When we receive details of your order, we contact you to confirm the packaging design and artwork. We work with you to finalize box designs and artwork and once everything is just as you want it to be, we confirm your order for production.


Final Order Goes to Production

Confirmed orders go to production which takes fewer days than the competition. We take only 8-10 days for expedited orders and 15-18 days for regular orders. You get updates as we progress on your order.


Order Shipping and Tracking

We run a quality assurance process before we ship your order. We offer shipping that you can track all the time and be sure that your goods are on their way to you.

Why Choose The Box Lane?

The Box Lane is your one-stop custom packaging provider. We have been helping brands of all sizes for over 8 years.

We have it easy to start and scale with custom packaging. Plus, you get very affordable prices with our custom serum boxes wholesale.

All-Around Customization

We offer complete customization for all types of beauty boxes and custom serum packaging. You envision perfect packaging and we make it happen with our years of experience.

Quick Production Lead Times

We deliver all rush orders in as few as 8-10 working days. Get a quick supply when you need it. On top of that, you get free shipping for all orders.

Low MOQ Policy

Order as few as 100 units or any quantity you want.

Custom packaging can do more for your business. Make it do more. Start with an instant quote or free sample today.

Choose The Box Lane for Custom Serum Boxes | The Box Lane

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the repeated questions we get. Ask us on WhatsApp or Chat if we missed something.

Yes, you can get custom serum boxes in the sizes and designs you want. We offer full customization for all types of beauty boxes.

We offer low minimums across categories and box styles for custom serum boxes. You can start with as few as 100 units. Please contact us for more information.

Serum packaging is eco-friendly. They are mostly made with cardboard or kraft which are eco-friendly.

We offer quick production for custom boxes and packaging. We produce all orders in 12-15 days (about 2 weeks). You can get a rush order in as few as 8-10 days (about 1 and a half weeks). Plus, you get free shipping.

We offer free design consultation for all customers. Contact us with all the details about your order and our trained custom packaging expert will get back to you.

We accept PayPal, Square, Credit Card, Cash Deposits, or Wire.

We ship to the whole world. You get free shipping in the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada.

We need PSD, PDF, Ai format with a minimum of 300 dpi for printing.

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